About NagaratharSuyamvaram.com

NagaratharSuyamvaram.com is a matrimonial portal for nagarathars, initiated by Ambattur Nagarathar Mageshwara Poojai Paribalana Sabai - a Non-Profit organization, which constructed the Arulmigu Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramaniya Swamy Thirukkovil at Menambedu, Ambattur. Along with the charitable activities for the temple, this matrimonial service is provided as a free of charge service to Nagarathars residing all over the world.

On 15/08/2011, the first Nagarathar Suyamvaram was conducted at the Murugan Temple in Menambedu, Ambattur, Chennai. This event brought together more than 600 people in and around Chennai and concluded with 220 registrations of Brides and Grooms. With the grace of our Lord Muruga, from the registered profiles, 42 marriages happened within a year's time.

On 11/08/2012, the second Nagarathar Suyamvaram was conducted at the same venue and brought around 500 people in and around Chennai with registrations of 160 profiles of Brides and Grooms.

These Suyamvaram event facilitates to register the Profiles, Search, Copy and Match through astrologers available at the venue. Meetings among family members from both sides happens in groups. All the registered profiles were entered into a database through a 30 member team. Photos of the Grooms and Brides were scanned and uploaded instantly. From the database, Profile Introduction through 6 TVs located all around the place was done and announcements about the registered profiles happened,

Through Sponsorships, from the NagaratharSuyamvaram.com, apart from the free service, one gram Gold is given to the Brides family when both the profiles of the Bride and Groom are registered in NagaratharSuyamvaram.com

By combining the technology and latest developments, now NagaratharSuyamvaram.com matrimonial portal is coming online.

NagaratharSuyavaram.com office is located in the Arulmigu Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramaniya Swamy Thirukkovil at Menambedu, Ambattur, Chennai  53. During mornings of all Sundays, office bearers will be available to provide the Profile Files for your suitable match search. Printing facilities will be provided at our office.

The NagaratharSuyamvaram.com team is ready to serve to any extend for the betterment of Nagarathars, and, for facilitating a record number of marriages.

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